12 March 2012

Lukas 1st birthday party!

Do you remember Monique and Joseph's shoot? Back then Monique was pregnant with a little baby boy. Now this is Lukas on his first birthday. In fact he is turning 2 already very soon. Time just flies!
It's always wonderful to be surrounded by this warm and loving family.
Have a look what Monique and Joseph had organised for Lukas' birthday party.

Already strong on his two feet!

Isn't that the most precious bay smile.. melts my heart!

Monique always has the most amazing party set-up's!
 Auntie :)

That's how a birthday boy should look like

In Malta they have a very fun tradition for the baby's first birthday. They would put different items that represent different jobs. The birthday kid then picks one up and this would indicate what kind of profession he would pick in the future. When Lukas almost grabbed the the rosary (the profession of a priest) there was some inhaling in the room... then he picked the spoon (chef), there was some laughing  and at last Lukas picked the calculator (accountant) and there was a lot of clapping :)

What a fabulous big family!