07 September 2011

Pre-Wedding: Abigail & Fabian

I enjoyed Abigail and Fabian's pre-wedding shoot so much that afterwards I actually wanted to invite myself. These two are simply adorable you want to make them your best friends. 
I remember the first time they came over to me after a days work - all smart and coporate look. Well, in their free time Abi and Fabian are completly the opposite. They love to spend lazy Sunday afternoon's on their little farm. It's a wonderful relaxing place - home to a huge cat family, a dog with an attitude, baby chicks and other birds. It's a place where time stands still - a little haven of perfect happiness.

Remember those blue eyes?! Abi's been on the June IDO cover.

Afterwards we headed to the town

For sunset Abigail and Fabian showed me a secret hidden place where they like to go for walks together

Look at this blue, straight out of the camera!

Perfect light

My favourite one

Looking truly forward to your upcoming wedding :) xxx