31 March 2011

Wedding: Maureen & George

I've been waiting way too long to post this amazing wedding but the wait is def. worth it. Maureen & George got married in October 2009 and their day was everything one can dream about. There was love, hope and happy tears - and even I caught myself at times between sighs, happy laughs and wiping a tear. George, Maureen & Maia's story moved me personally - and I was so glad to have been chosen by them to capture their special day - a day that also marked a big transition in their personal lives.

I have so many images to share with you so I start here with the beautiful bride:

This is Maia, and this day was her day too!

Maia helping her mum getting dressed

Maureen's beautiful hair do by Lara of Gozo

A simply beautiful bride

Mother and Daughter on their special day

George waiting at church for his two girls

George is a great guy and a fantastic photographer.

Here they come

Maia is such a special character.. and way too intelligent for her age ;-)

The First Look

The Giving Away

The chapel was small but with so much intricate detail


After the ceremony we headed to a field. Maia and George were instantly in their element :)

A freshly baked family!
This is so cute and added with a sense of humour

As soon as we arrived at the venue Ta Mena my jaw dropped. I was in awe!

Look at their amazing set-up!
The view from the estate, the citadel in the backdrop

I love this place!

A chill out area
The First Dance was one of the most moving parts of the day

You could feel the love

and the emotions flowed

I was sniffing behind the lens!

A happy ending to this amazing day!

Love you guys!


islandfairy said...

aww jess! you made me cry all over again! thanks for the lovely words. i'm glad we had you to capture the day! x

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hi Mau,
same here *sniff*. Loved your day to bits! Simply an emotional, loving and meaningful day - all weddings should be like this!
Much love,
Jess xxx

Nanette said...

Truly an amazing couple and a commendable modern family xx

AlisonDee said...

wow.... amazing ! Mau you and the family look AMAZING. Well done these photos are wonderful :-)

Alexia Azzopardi said...

no words can describe this... beautiful :)

Carolina said...

About as perfect as it gets Jess, The montage of emotions
captured within these stunning photographs is just breathtaking.

tatt said...

easily the best wedding photos i have ever seen! amazing :) congrats! xxx