08 March 2011

Pre-Wedding: Kathryn + Mario

Next week, we officially kick off the pre-wedding season so I want to give my couples some more inspiration from another session of last year. Kathryn and Mario are a life-loving couple. Both are into traveling and shopping, best if combined together! I would have loved to fly out for this session but we travelled close to home and ventured into 3 complete different worlds around Malta.

We started off in Birgu, which is close to Kathryn's heart.
The houses have so much character there, a simple wall and window with shutters will do for me.

I adore how everyone puts pots and plants in the streets. Birgu really does have a character of its own.

Mario has this great infectious smile

and you can tell his affection for Kathryn

but he also likes to fool around :)

Down at the yacht marina

Our next trip took us to Asia, well I guess it's called the Chinese Garden in the South of Malta

This place has amazing shapes and features for us to play around in

Our next trip was the countryside. Malta never looks more beautiful as it does in spring!

Kathryn's beauty shining!


This place looks Northern European, don't you think?!

These two were always joking and playing around. Simply easy going.

Last shot before the sun set. We had a great trip with lots of variety by combining three different locations that were all in close vicinity to each other. When you plan your pre-wedding look for a place which really matters to you and combine it with other areas that lie close around it.

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