21 February 2011

Pre-Wedding: Ishmael & Maxine

The Pre-Wedding Season is nearly here and I'm so excited to get to know my 2011 couples better. Many asked me for ideas and locations so I decided to inspire you Today with Ishmael & Maxine's session. There's a little bit of pre-planning and coordination that can make your shoot as successful as theirs.

First of all, PROPS (here a vintage car) and STYLING are very welcome

Please add a fair amount of AFFECTION

HOLD ON to each other!

How about a splash of COLOUR?

and some more AFFECTION?

I also like the look of gritty places. Let's mix UGLY with BEAUTIFUL

Once we know your locations we can COLOUR-COORDINATE.

Let's PLAY & fool around!

Most of you know my love for fields... we nearly got shot by a farmer this time! Well, ok it wasn't so bad... he just swung the rifle and shouted at us :-) Sorry!

was so worth it though!

LOVE will make each photo look special

Maxine is such a gorgeous girl

March and April are perfect months for the OUTDOORS. Flora and Fauna are at their best!

Red heels & jeans.. yummy!

Get the retro vibe!

Ishmael simply adores Maxine. It was wonderful to watch and capture them!

So many of you love the beach...so we can do a stop over there too!

Last but not least, don't forget to KISS!

I hope you enjoyed it! Remember: You all have your own little stories, favourite places, hobbies. Let's make it unique and an unforgettable 2011 pre-wedding season! I can't wait for all your ideas :)

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