11 February 2011

Pre + Post-Wedding: Jen & Jean

From time to time it happens that I shoot a couple's pre and post-wedding only, for example, if I have been already booked on their date, they had already chosen another photographer before they've found me or if a family member is the official photographer on the wedding day.
Jennifer and Jean-Pierre came to me last year and I had the pleasure to meet them before their actual wedding day and again after their big day.
These two really thought and scouted some amazing locations for our shoot.
We started off in a really rugged and interesting place (I'll probably never find it again, it's well tugged away!). This picture just does it for me: Jen and Jean are such a sweet couple and Jean would carry Jen in his arms anywhere. :)

On the cliff's edge at another great location

Who can guess this one?!

Beautiful Jen

For their Post-Wedding we had 2 props: a pink umbrella and a bunch of sun flowers

We got lucky, by coincidence we passed a field with sun flowers and thanks to a very kind farmer we were allowed to make use of it.

One of my favourites

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Carolina said...

Wow, every bridal couple should be photographed in a field of
sunflowers - the colour contrast is simply amazing - suppose Van
Gogh had a similar idea!!!love it Jess

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Thanks so much Carolina. I truly always enjoy your comments and thoughts!