21 February 2011

Pre-Wedding: Ishmael & Maxine

The Pre-Wedding Season is nearly here and I'm so excited to get to know my 2011 couples better. Many asked me for ideas and locations so I decided to inspire you Today with Ishmael & Maxine's session. There's a little bit of pre-planning and coordination that can make your shoot as successful as theirs.

First of all, PROPS (here a vintage car) and STYLING are very welcome

Please add a fair amount of AFFECTION

HOLD ON to each other!

How about a splash of COLOUR?

and some more AFFECTION?

I also like the look of gritty places. Let's mix UGLY with BEAUTIFUL

Once we know your locations we can COLOUR-COORDINATE.

Let's PLAY & fool around!

Most of you know my love for fields... we nearly got shot by a farmer this time! Well, ok it wasn't so bad... he just swung the rifle and shouted at us :-) Sorry!

was so worth it though!

LOVE will make each photo look special

Maxine is such a gorgeous girl

March and April are perfect months for the OUTDOORS. Flora and Fauna are at their best!

Red heels & jeans.. yummy!

Get the retro vibe!

Ishmael simply adores Maxine. It was wonderful to watch and capture them!

So many of you love the beach...so we can do a stop over there too!

Last but not least, don't forget to KISS!

I hope you enjoyed it! Remember: You all have your own little stories, favourite places, hobbies. Let's make it unique and an unforgettable 2011 pre-wedding season! I can't wait for all your ideas :)

18 February 2011


My dear 2011 couples - your pre-wedding session is coming up! Please email me, as soon as possible, for available dates during March and mid-April.
Really excited to hear about your ideas and concepts :)
Much love,
Jess :)

11 February 2011

Pre + Post-Wedding: Jen & Jean

From time to time it happens that I shoot a couple's pre and post-wedding only, for example, if I have been already booked on their date, they had already chosen another photographer before they've found me or if a family member is the official photographer on the wedding day.
Jennifer and Jean-Pierre came to me last year and I had the pleasure to meet them before their actual wedding day and again after their big day.
These two really thought and scouted some amazing locations for our shoot.
We started off in a really rugged and interesting place (I'll probably never find it again, it's well tugged away!). This picture just does it for me: Jen and Jean are such a sweet couple and Jean would carry Jen in his arms anywhere. :)

On the cliff's edge at another great location

Who can guess this one?!

Beautiful Jen

For their Post-Wedding we had 2 props: a pink umbrella and a bunch of sun flowers

We got lucky, by coincidence we passed a field with sun flowers and thanks to a very kind farmer we were allowed to make use of it.

One of my favourites

If you like to book a pre or post-wedding please contact me through my mailer on the sidebar or visit my website www.jessmor.com

01 February 2011

Wedding: Antonio & Melanie

Melanie and Antonio got married already during the xmas season of 2009. It was a very special privilege for me to photograph their wedding as I've known these two almost from the very beginning when I started my business in Malta. The image above, a photo Mel and Antonio in a frame, is from 2006 (right Mel?). Melanie had just graduated from university and Antonio hired me to take some fun graduation pics of her. Yikes, how I excited I was when I met them for the very first time and now a few years later I was so excited again to capture their most special day in their lives. The fabulous thing is that Mel has a younger sister, Sam, who is getting married this year and guess who's the photographer ;-) I guess we'll write some more family history together. Truly looking forward!

When I walked into Melanie's room I found the sun!

The heels

A quick chat. Mel was just getting ready from make-up.

I was pretending to photographs the perfume but in truth I love Mel's perfect nails. Wish mine would like this

The radiant bride

Sisters: Sam and Mel
I simply love this photo!

Bride's arriving at church

And Antonio is waiting patiently to get the first look

The church is beautiful and got some personal family history

*sigh* mum's getting all emotional - for those moments I live as a photographer

Soaking in the moment

I think Mel felt the emotions rising inside of her too

The moment the couple starts to relax

Walking into the reception area

The Radisson's Grand Ballroom

A winter inspired cake, doesn't it look great!

Oh, how much I adore Melanie's grandmother! Met her many times before the wedding and she simply has a heart of gold!

They have a very close relationship

We had a few minuted during the reception to go up to the hotel room. Their wonderful wedding coordinator had prepared champagne and the couple read their personal cards to each other.

Must have been some loving and emotional words

The first dance

It's just a glimpse but Mel's eyes tell a big tale

In Malta it's a tradition for the bride and groom to serve their guests the wedding cake, while the bride serves only to male guests and the groom only to female guests.

Saying good-bye

Thanks for having me Mel and Antonio & families! Looking so forward to the next part of your story.
Much love, Jess