21 December 2011

Pre-Wedding: Claire & Lloyd

Last spring was the most perfect spring I have ever encountered. The countryside was covered with the most gorgeous pinkish berry coloured flowers. The sun was out, warmed up the air and promised an early summer. On one of those perfect spring days I met my couple Claire & Lloyd for our pre-wedding session. This day was simply heavenly! Everything came together: a wonderful couple amidst the perfect surroundings. What more can a photographer dream of? Needless to say, I could not stop shooting. 
Here is a selection of our perfect day :)

08 December 2011

Portfolio: Corazon Mizzi

I can't think of a better time showcasing some of Corazon's portfolio shots than right now. Corazon is a very talented singer and TV presenter who is making big strides in the local music industry. I can only watch like a proud mummy when she stakes home one music award after another. And now, she is contesting for the Eurovision! I wish you all the luck from the bottom of my heart! You GO GIRL!

Check outCorazon's website here:

09 November 2011

Wedding: Martina & Julian

More than a year ago, Martina and Julian came over to see me. A wonderful couple that I was more than excited to have this year as they not only look great together but seem to have found the perfect match in each other. Time just flew by and there I was on a spring day capturing their wedding. I was greeting by this wonderful elegant gown made by Charles and Ron, styled with a pair of Dune bridal shoes.

I adored the kids in this wedding. The pageboy had this huge smile on his face all day and the girls are just a kind of their own. They danced the night away... next to young and old keeping the party going.

The beautiful bride

The Girls

I love fun bridal party pictures

One of my favorite moments during a wedding - father and daughter 

The handsome groom

Mgarr Parish church

We had a short stop over before the reception to take some couple pictures. I always emphasize that this time is not only for taking photos but also for the couple to have their private moment together - to simply soak in the day and each other before they are surrounded by hundreds of excited guests.

At the Grand Ballroom Golden Sands Hotel

Martina's girls were simply amazing, very attentive, supportive all day long and making sure the party gets started

I can only say....

....BIG BAND BROTHERS!!! They rock!