31 December 2010

Wedding: Raquel & Justin

Here comes another beautiful wedding before we say good-bye to 2010 and welcome 2011! Today I have a very special wedding that was featured in the November issue of IDO magazine.
Raquel Camenzuli and Justin Haber celebrated their day in big style: from thousands of pink orchids, a beautifully dressed up church to an amazing castle dipped in pink light - it was truly one of the biggest and elaborate events I've photographed so far.

Here come the amazing details:

The bride - radiant

Raquel's back of the dress was made like a flowing waterfall

I love warm hearted family photos

The view from Raquel's house is simply breathtaking

father - daughter: going to the chapel

The bridesmaids were so excited to see the bride arriving

Look at their bouquets!

Few moments before

Justin got so emotional

and then the first look

The decor of the church


Overjoyed and the tears were flowing

The couple at the venue

and with the bridal party

The venue was decorated with crystals and wonderful light

Selmun castle changed colour for this special night

And a pink cake with crystals

You could find glass bowls with orchids and live fish

The First Dance *sigh*

sang by no other than Wintermoods

I love the expressions of everyone when Raquel and Justin were cutting the cake and in the backdrop the fireworks went off

Congratulations you two and a happy 2011 to everyone!

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