17 December 2010

Family: Joseph, Monique & Little Lucas

My wedding season is officially over and hopefully now I have more time to blog all those posts that have piled up during the year. Now that the xmas season is here I thought I'd share a maternity/ family shoot.
Monique and Joseph had met up with me beginning of the year. It was one of those overcast days and we were worried it would rain. We got lucky though and we three (four) went out for a lifestyle maternity shoot. We waded through the fields, our shoes filled with mud but what is more beautiful to this pregnant belly than a beautiful green backdrop?!

Monique shortly before her due day, simply gorgeous!

Yellow flowers in a field - my dream location

The belly kiss :)

We headed off to get some sea shots. And thankfully the sky lightened

The last time being only two

Meet Lucas.. looks so saintly

tiny holds on to BIG :)

stilly sleepy but not for long

look at the resemblance

Oh my Goodness, isn't he too cute!

can it get any cuter? ;-)

Oh yeah! What an expression!

That's the size of a two week old baby

The family :)

Happy xmas season to everyone!

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