03 October 2010

Pre-Wedding: Marija-Helga & David

I love working with people who are in love! What could be better than being around a couple who totally adores each other and can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together?! Marija-Helga & David are one of those couples where you see, feel, almost taste their affection and deep love towards one another. Well, there is only one furry creature who gets almost as much or even a little more affection from the two of them.

I am not surprised that Marija's fury "baby" is called Cuddles. Who wouldn't want to cuddle her?!

This must be the most photogenic wall in Malta

This is what I call real affection! Can you feel the sparks flying?!

My favorittteeeeee!!!!!

Gorgeous Marija-Helga

We had to get a proper family picture

No, we did not fly to Greece and came back the same day!

You know how much I adore fields :)

Windy Shack.. so cool!

I love the shade of the palm tree.. without the palm tree ;-)

more love.. *sigh*

A happy ending :)
So looking forward to your upcoming wedding!!!

1 comment:

Anne said...

Ooooh i used to have a dog like that when i grew up! Didnt know they existed in Malta! Wonderful photos too! You are very inspiring!