31 October 2010

Lifestyle: Fiorella

Some time ago, I had the pleasure to photograph Fiorella who I've known already from her engagement party back in January. We two had a perfect afternoon looking through her clothes and roaming the place for great photo opportunities. I love when a model is simply fearless and thanks to Fio the image above was born. I asked her to relax in between those big tree branches and she done it like a pro.

Apart from that she's simply beautiful

and adorable :)

21 October 2010

Wedding: Roisin & Aidan

I'm so looking forward to show you this beautiful wedding Today. Irish Couple Roisin and Aidan decided to get married in Malta and chose me as their photographer. The first time I met them I knew this was going to be one of the great weddings this year. Both of them are so kind, beautiful in character and in person, and come from BIG loving families.
What made it even more special was a visit of a fellow photographer. Amazing Karin Von Voigtlander from New York City joined me to guest shoot this wedding and it was an experience I'll never forget (more about that in a later post).

We arrived at the hotel and Karin found this Tiffany box... I had already taken the ring shots but when I saw the results I couldn't resist to give it another go :)

Gorgeous bride Roisin

and the boys

the symmetry of this church was stunning. Have a look at the stained glass and at the red chairs in the bottom

Arriving at Palazzo Parisio

The garden of the Palazzo is simply mesmerizing - perfect to shoot the bridal pictures

Both set of brothers and sisters! Woohoo, BIG Clan!

The Golden ball room was used this time only for the display of the cake, what an effect!

dinner set-up outside by the fabulous wedding coordinator Jayne Polidano and banqueting manager Daniel Demicoli. Their work is perfection!

Please check out Karin's images HERE

03 October 2010

Pre-Wedding: Marija-Helga & David

I love working with people who are in love! What could be better than being around a couple who totally adores each other and can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together?! Marija-Helga & David are one of those couples where you see, feel, almost taste their affection and deep love towards one another. Well, there is only one furry creature who gets almost as much or even a little more affection from the two of them.

I am not surprised that Marija's fury "baby" is called Cuddles. Who wouldn't want to cuddle her?!

This must be the most photogenic wall in Malta

This is what I call real affection! Can you feel the sparks flying?!

My favorittteeeeee!!!!!

Gorgeous Marija-Helga

We had to get a proper family picture

No, we did not fly to Greece and came back the same day!

You know how much I adore fields :)

Windy Shack.. so cool!

I love the shade of the palm tree.. without the palm tree ;-)

more love.. *sigh*

A happy ending :)
So looking forward to your upcoming wedding!!!