13 September 2010

Pre-Wedding: Sabrina & Kirk

Today, I have a fun pre-wedding session for you starring Sabrina & Kirk. We ventured off to Gozo for the day - Sabrina's home island. Gozo is simply full of special places. I never get tired of shooting there. We started off in Victoria's side streets.

The small side streets and alleys hold special gems like this:

Blue and red are just Sabrina's colours.

These old vintage cars still exist!

Sabrina is about one and a half heads shorter than Kirk but this makes him feels all the more protective

gotta love this one

We shot quite a bit at their wedding venue

We got lucky with this field. A few days later they mowed it down, said Sabrina.

That street was so steep, can you hear Sabrina squeal with fear and joy?!

Amazing setting for our last shot

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