25 August 2010

IDO - August 2010 Issue

The August Issue of IDO magazine just hit the news stand this week and I am going to take you behind the scenes of our Bali Inspired shoot.
I have to admit, I myself, got the inspiration to this exotic theme from one of my creative couples who celebrated their engagement party on the beach with an amazing set-up. I knew I had to share this with all of you in an issue of IDO.
We worked in a big team for this cover shoot. Thank you to everyone involved. And special thanks to our lovely model Yazmin.

Set-up: Bali Stuff, Naxxar
Jewelery: Zsa Zsa, Valletta

Model: Yazmin Zammit Stevens
hair: Scissors Tango, Mosta
make-up: Gaby Naudi, Gharghur

All by Bali Stuff

Location: Rivendale Gardens, Gharghur

Dress: Wedding Bells, Valletta
Bangles: Bali Stuff

Jewelery: Zsa Zsa

Flowers: Floral Expressions

I hope this issue will inspire you to take bits and pieces for your own day. All vendor info in IDO magazine.

18 August 2010

We Did: Sarah & Keith

Today, I have a post-wedding for you. Many wonder if they should book one or not. I simply love them since I get to shoot in wonderful different places than were a normal wedding would take place. The couples love it because it sort of "extends" the wedding day feeling, you get to wear your special outfits again, and have additional photos to complement your wedding story and album.
Todays rock stars are two familiar faces. Sarah and Keith have been on the blog a couple of times and If I'm not mistaken they must be the most blogged couple! Congrats! ;-)
They came up with a really great idea: Let's go to the golf course!

How fun are these little golf carts?!

My cute couple.

Here my lens nearly broke. Sarah got one heck of a shot!

The golf course has some beautiful scenery.. for Malta it's pretty green

still so in love

the *sparkle*

Beautiful Sarah. Make-up by the fantastic Nicola Powell

Then we headed for horse back riding. We shared a funny episode there ;-)

Sarah, I have to admit a horse suits you!

One of my favourites

12 August 2010

Pre-Wedding: Maria & George

I'm really proud of myself as I prepared another blog post for you. I know you guys out there... always waiting and NOTHING again! But NOT Today!
I hope, I can sweeten your day with these two: Maria and George. I'm pretty excited about this shoot. First of all, Maria & George are just great to watch together. They are one of those couples that make you go *sigh* but always with a laugh on your lips as these two are not afraid to fool around. We had so much fun at some pretty cool locations. hehehe... just see for yourself ;-)

Who said you can't find some green during the dry season?!

Ok, I've been to this beach more than I can count but it always has a different nook where you get sweet scenes as the one below:

Can you guess where it is?!

Ok, by now you'll all know :)

I have a passion for fields.. I'm just waiting for the day the famers' association will hunt me down...but pssstttt please don't tell them!!!!

I mean what's nicer than a couple in love in a field of crops?!

OK, I must admit - I'm cool!

But George beats my coolness factor. Look at that T-Shirt! MTV and ice cream on your nose tip. You rocked the show!

I'm almost jealous!

I'm really starting to sweat with excitement. The later the hour, the cooler they became...

... but never losing their quirky and natural side

My God, are you for real??? I think I stole that out of a magazine.

I know this view is hard to bear, but wait for...

...this ONE!

I'd say we got pretty lucky!
Thanks guys for making me look like a rock star photographer xxx