28 July 2010

Pre-Wedding: Sarah & Rian

I am ashamed! I have a huge pile of blog entries lined up... as you can see below they are from a different season :-)
But you'll love this one: Sarah and Rian are fun ... let me add: Sarah is BIG TIME FUUUUUN! I stopped counting but, as far as I know, this bride had 3 hen's night!!! One of them in London with stretch hummer, Movida night club and an Ann Summers Party. If there is a queen of all party bride's, it must be my dear Sarah! :)

Let's see how they rocked this session

Isn't this field stunning!

Rian is more the quiet one but together there are simply made for each other!

In March we weren't sure if it might ran so Sarah and I had the idea about a pink umbrella and rubber boots.

And it just worked!

My favourite photo season!

Fierce, Fierce!

Make-up by Justin


prada said...

My dear Jessica first of all i would like to say a Big Thank you for all these wonderful photos Me,Rian and looks like everyone loved them,so many great comments and exciting feedback, Well done jess as i always say you are d best :-)And for all the people out there i only been friends with jess over a year now and we became good mates.Me and my husband choose our wedding date on jessica's work schedual as i wanted my wedding to be complete and with lots of fantastic memories... she was the first person i've ranged and booked and thank God i DID !!! Jessica is a very nice, friendly,smart and helpfull person, Although she takes her work very seriously as u can see from some of her results she make your day FUN...and makes you very comfortable even for the camera shy one's she makes you feel like you've been taken photo shoots all your life haha.. and that's what everyone would wanna feel, so thumbs up for you jess and thanks again for this wonderful experience

Sarah and Rian
x x

carolina said...

More of same please Jess. Your blogs are my lifeline to gozo and
malta when I'm unable to visit in person. You somehow manage to
capture the very essence of the place as well as that of your