28 July 2010

Pre-Wedding: Sarah & Rian

I am ashamed! I have a huge pile of blog entries lined up... as you can see below they are from a different season :-)
But you'll love this one: Sarah and Rian are fun ... let me add: Sarah is BIG TIME FUUUUUN! I stopped counting but, as far as I know, this bride had 3 hen's night!!! One of them in London with stretch hummer, Movida night club and an Ann Summers Party. If there is a queen of all party bride's, it must be my dear Sarah! :)

Let's see how they rocked this session

Isn't this field stunning!

Rian is more the quiet one but together there are simply made for each other!

In March we weren't sure if it might ran so Sarah and I had the idea about a pink umbrella and rubber boots.

And it just worked!

My favourite photo season!

Fierce, Fierce!

Make-up by Justin

06 July 2010

Lifestyle: Sara

Amidst the buzzing wedding season I wanted to share this LIFESTYLE session I shot a while ago with SARA.
I really enjoy these days out as my fabulous clients take me to unusual and often undiscovered places where I can let my creative juices flow. Sara had the cutest outfits. As you can see, I loved her red polka dot dress.
Doesn't it look startling in this wild overgrown back garden?!

I love youngsters, there full of energy and enthusiasm. Sara kept going all day and gave me the greatest photo opportunities

Look at this old wardrobe in an abandoned farmhouse. So cool!

"Hey buddy!"

We found this wild field nearby


The famous beach

Model in the making. Great Look!

One of my favourites of the day. Sara is so cool!