04 March 2010

If you like Gossip...

... you will LOVE FACEBOOK

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog. I've heard complaints. I get you! Yeah, Claire... I know what you think, too! The news travel fast to me! BUT I have the best excuse in the world (apart from travelling, working, shooting, etc). I allowed something NEW into my life and it has taken OVER EVERYTHING! It's my new micro blogging - fast news center! If you are NOT on it ... oh boy, you are missing out on the best gossip on the planet... ok.. maybe it's not celebrity gossip you're getting but tiny bits and pieces out of the life of a Wedding Photographer. And that can get quite crazy!
If you are not following yet, please sign up to www.facebook.com/jessmor

You'll also get the newest developments in my relationship... no just kidding!
You'll get to know about the newest and hottest photography products for your wedding... all researched, imported and made with love by me.

So, See you there!
PS: No worries, I'll keep this baby going!

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