14 March 2010

IDO - March Issue 2010

The March issue of IDO magazine will be in the newsstand this week. Look out for it, it's simply lovely!
For the spring edition, I looked for a beautiful location that would lend itself to our theme "The Enchanted Garden". I was lucky to find the perfect location at the gardens of Villa Madama, Balzan. It had the beautiful romantic look I was searching for. I was in love with all the greens, pastels and gorgeous light ...

Our model Matthea perfectly translated the beauty of spring. She looks like the spring Goddess herself.
Make-up by Gaby.

We have to thank our sponsors Creme Caramel for the cake, Juli from Floral Expressions for the gorgeous bouquet, Charming Diva for the props and butterflies, they all lend a special touch to the shoot.

The bouquet was simply breathtaking.

Marquita, from Wedding Bells provided the unusual and absolutely stunning dress. We had already decided on another gown when we went back to this one. Once Matthea slipped into it, we knew it had to be IT. The golden cream colour and accents not only suited Matthea perfectly but it also embodied everything we had initially looked for the spring bridal look.

The headdress/accesory is also by Wedding Bells, hair by the fabulous Alison of Scissors Tango.

The March issue is again full of great information, love stories and beautiful weddings. For more infos about our sponsors have a look on page 3.

04 March 2010

If you like Gossip...

... you will LOVE FACEBOOK

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since I've updated my blog. I've heard complaints. I get you! Yeah, Claire... I know what you think, too! The news travel fast to me! BUT I have the best excuse in the world (apart from travelling, working, shooting, etc). I allowed something NEW into my life and it has taken OVER EVERYTHING! It's my new micro blogging - fast news center! If you are NOT on it ... oh boy, you are missing out on the best gossip on the planet... ok.. maybe it's not celebrity gossip you're getting but tiny bits and pieces out of the life of a Wedding Photographer. And that can get quite crazy!
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You'll also get the newest developments in my relationship... no just kidding!
You'll get to know about the newest and hottest photography products for your wedding... all researched, imported and made with love by me.

So, See you there!
PS: No worries, I'll keep this baby going!