01 February 2010

Pre-Wedding: David & Daniela

Pre-Wedding Season is just around the corner and I thought I'll give you something to get your creative juices started. 2010 couples, let's do something crazy this year, something that is about YOU, that's REALLY about YOU... and I will show you why:

We like the beach, right?!

... especially this one:

... BUT we don't like boring!


... like David & Daniela!


WE like affection

WE LOVE kisses

And the happiest SMILES that make you feel like sunshine

WE like you to bring your personal gear!

...like for going snorkeling.. even if it's still April and you're freezing your butt off...

...but then you can cuddle up afterwards

Well, you don't have to be in a bathing suit in April...
...but you must show LOVE

well.. and then I am going to make Mama happy too and shoot a decent one for her mantel piece

afterwards I'll shoot from my HEART again to capture that special passion you two SHARE...

...and look for the most beautiful LIGHT

..to truly have that happily-ever-after FEELING in your images!

Couples who haven't booked yet for their Pre-Wedding, please get back to me asap! Dates are nearly all booked for spring. Just a few openings left.. don't miss out!