08 January 2010

Wedding: Jen & Greg

I am a pretty lucky photographer! Yeah, wait til you have seen Jen & Greg's absolutely wowazing day! I really have to thank my clients for choosing some of the most amazing backdrops for their weddings. I mean, look at this:
Can it get any better?!

But it wasn't just the breathtaking location that made this day special. Jen & Greg had also a fantastic crowd that joined them from abroad. What topped the day for me was my cool couple Jen & Greg who opted for the FIRST LOOK. More details later. Let's linger a bit on the details... gorgeous....gorgeous...


...heels (I totally dig the arm chair)

...the bouquet. This place makes everything look amazing. Does your bathroom look like this too?
I got totally inspired!

The bride in a perfect window

The master suit

Jen floating down the grand staircase. This place is all about grand stair cases.. as you will see...

or grand windows

A beautiful portrait with sweet window light

Now, this is my favorite part. Jen & Greg decided to do the FIRST LOOK, meaning they would see each other before the official ceremony. I LOVE it! First of all, it is a special and intimate moment that only bride and groom (ok me too) share. The couple is so much more relaxed and I can capture beautiful genuine expressions and emotions. 3rd we have brilliant light!!! Last but not least, the couple saves tons of time at their reception and can enjoy the day with friends and family.
Let's get to it...
Jen walking down ... I love how the staircase frames her to both sides...

Anticipation: Seeing each other for the first time. Greg reaches out to Jen...

Admiration: both are in awe of each other, look at their expressions and at their hands...

Tenderness: These are the moments that can't be faked... Greg is running his hands ever so tender across Jen's arm... beautiful moment

Some more love and pretty light

If I ever had so much time with my couples...

... again, the beautiful staircase runs like a waterfall behind them, enhancing this intimate moment

The ceremony was held at Castello Dei Baroni, Wardija. The area looks great during daytime.. never really had time to see all the details before as I usually arrive after dark

Backdrop for the ceremony. Poolside at Castello Dei Baroni

The Castello has some hidden pathways...

Bride arriving

My favorite part are usually the first dances and this one didn't disappoint

One last shot of the beautiful and happy bride ...

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