26 November 2009

Lifestyle: Martina

Martina is one of the coolest girls on the planet. On the day of the shoot, she arrived with a whole suitcase full of different outfits. While we were going through her clothes, I thought to myself that this looks better than what I have in my closet! Martina who is barely a teen has already a sense of style like a 20 year old. She knows exactly how to put outfits together and how to make them work for each different location. We had a fantastic day and Yes, everything was shot in one day (including a pizza break)!

I absolutely adored this outfit! It was perfect for our first outdoor location:

I always wanted to shoot in a sun flower field!

Do we have another model waiting to evolve?

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Coolest kid on the planet!

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Even the colours worked perfectly

Next: Seascape

Next: The Beach (on the other part of the island)

The light was just delicious again

PS: This blog post is dedicated to Dorianne. Thanks for watching!

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Denise Scicluna said...

very sweet photos :)