26 November 2009

Lifestyle: Martina

Martina is one of the coolest girls on the planet. On the day of the shoot, she arrived with a whole suitcase full of different outfits. While we were going through her clothes, I thought to myself that this looks better than what I have in my closet! Martina who is barely a teen has already a sense of style like a 20 year old. She knows exactly how to put outfits together and how to make them work for each different location. We had a fantastic day and Yes, everything was shot in one day (including a pizza break)!

I absolutely adored this outfit! It was perfect for our first outdoor location:

I always wanted to shoot in a sun flower field!

Do we have another model waiting to evolve?

Next: Urban Style

Coolest kid on the planet!

Next: "In The Rain"
Even the colours worked perfectly

Next: Seascape

Next: The Beach (on the other part of the island)

The light was just delicious again

PS: This blog post is dedicated to Dorianne. Thanks for watching!

16 November 2009

Interview: Juliana Scerri Ferrante

Yesterday's issue of FIRST magazine featured lawyer Juliana Scerri Ferrante and her upcoming fashion event Ferramoda. Juliana and I instantly connected while we were shooting her images for the interview by Marie Benoit (see below).

Ferramoda will be held at the Grand Excelsior, Floriana on the 9th of December and showcasing some of the unique fashion items Juliana brings from Italy. The evening's programme include also other artists in fashion and music.
I am looking forward to sponsoring the photography of the event.
Proceeds will go to orphanages.

Lastly, I couldn't resist to post another image

06 November 2009

IDO November Issue 09

The brand new issue of IDO is out now! If you are getting married, grab one as this will be your secret bible to planning your wedding. Well yeah, it's November and you know what this means: It's the official month in Malta for everything bridal and wedding related. The Wedding Fair 09 at MFCC is in full swing, we have open houses of caterers, venues, bridal botiques and with all this wedding buzz going on, I thought I plan something special for IDO's cover.
It's officially unofficial the month of love (and my birthday :) and I thought what better if we have a real (yes a REAL) couple on the cover! One immediately popped to my mind... I secretly hoped and prayed as I knew these two would be fabulous to grace the cover. There was only one small problem: these two lovebirds are not even engaged yet and even more problematic, they are from Gozo. How am I going to convince them to pose on a national bridal magazine in wedding outfits?! Probably the whole village will start gossiping.. have you heard...
But these two are simply amazing and just went for it!

And here are my two new superstars:
JP (Jean-Paul) and Vee (Veronica):

I really have to thank JP. When I mentioned to use 1950's Italian films as an inspiration, JP organized an antique vespa. I won't go into details.. but it was quite a ordeal to move this old thing around. Thanks JP!

The backdrop was perfect for an old school flavour.

A young and flirty bouquet by Julie Lupi - Floral Expressions

Gozo has many beautiful places .. all a little tucked away...

The little bag from Wedding Bells... I wish I could take it home with me.. I would treat it very well...

I always used to pass by this bridge and thought I would like to shoot there someday

Now, this is my secret place and my heart made loops when we shot there

Yes, these two embody "romance and tenderness of newlyweds in love" (Josanne Cassar, Independent on Sunday, Nov. 1st, 09).

Last 2 frames after we had already finished but I just couldn't put my camera down.

I would like to thank all people involved.
Here is a list with all vendors and persons:

Models: JP and Vee
Dress: Marquita of Wedding Bells
Men's suit: Joe of Cefai Formal Wear
Hair: Flavia
Make-up: Gaby
Flowers: Julie Lupi- Floral Expressions

A special thanks to Josanne Cassar (editor) and my precious Fran whose support means a lot me.