13 October 2009

Young Rising Stars

It's always great to follow up where my little models go and do. The other day I received a pretty cool email and some pictures by Sidney's mom Mireille. Remember this little fellow?

Sidney has landed his first big job for C&A baby wear and adornes not only the website of C&A's online shop

but also huge wall images in the store. Must be pretty strange to walk in the shop and see your son oversized on the wall :) Great job, Sidney!

On another note, probably most of you remember Debbie. I photographed her about 3 years ago. Through Facebook, I learned she is the new Miss Malta and went abroad for more competitions! Way to go, Debbie. So proud of ya!

1 comment:

George said...

Maybe I should ask for a photo shoot LOL :)

Well done Jess. Always follow your work, even if I don't always comment.