26 September 2009

Episode II: Maureen & George & Maia

Before I leave for a wedding, I thought I sweeten your weekend by blogging the 2nd part of Maureen & George's e-session. Only that this time we have a third contender, Maureen's biggest treasure, her daughter Maia.
The two of them already had warned me, Maia has a strong head of her own. The warning couldn't have come more perfect. As we approached their house to pick up the little one, I could hear big sobs... and I thought.."oh my, how are we going to get Maia to enjoy a photo session?"

Yeah, I guess you just have to find the right places.

She does have the biggest and brightest smile....

.... mixed with a combination of crocodile tears ...

... but hey, at least I get a lot of hugs and beautiful moments like this:

I adore this picture. George wraps his arm around his new family.

We found this great field

makes my heart all mushy:

Maia loved it!

One of my favourite sequences

Th Dream Team!

Only one week to go to the wedding! Leave them a message!

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