26 September 2009

Episode II: Maureen & George & Maia

Before I leave for a wedding, I thought I sweeten your weekend by blogging the 2nd part of Maureen & George's e-session. Only that this time we have a third contender, Maureen's biggest treasure, her daughter Maia.
The two of them already had warned me, Maia has a strong head of her own. The warning couldn't have come more perfect. As we approached their house to pick up the little one, I could hear big sobs... and I thought.."oh my, how are we going to get Maia to enjoy a photo session?"

Yeah, I guess you just have to find the right places.

She does have the biggest and brightest smile....

.... mixed with a combination of crocodile tears ...

... but hey, at least I get a lot of hugs and beautiful moments like this:

I adore this picture. George wraps his arm around his new family.

We found this great field

makes my heart all mushy:

Maia loved it!

One of my favourite sequences

Th Dream Team!

Only one week to go to the wedding! Leave them a message!

09 September 2009

My New Favorite Desktop

This year I have been shooting quite a bit on the beach and also in and out of the water! This is all due to my rocking couples who have taken me this season to complete different hights, literally.
I got this really cool new wallpaper which is gracing my screen, thanks to my couple Daniela & David, who are simply out of this world adventerous and just my type.

Blow this one up and spot them:

Today, I dedicate this blog post to Krystle. Yes, you Krystle!!! ;-)
Thanks for following my blog and although we have never met, it's always great to hear from people who tune in. Hope to meet you soon and if you like feel free to leave a comment!