16 August 2009

Bitter Sweet


I am so excited to finally spills the beans: the brand new issue of IDO magazine is out and it has a new cover! My heart was pounding so hard from excitement when I first got the news that I was chosen to be the new photographer of I DO, Malta's premier wedding magazine. But it did not compare to the feeling when I actually held the brand new spanking issue in my hands! Is that how mothers feel when they hold their first-born child?
When Josanne leafed through the magazine, revealing each time another page of our shoot, true exhilaration poured through my body! I could have hugged my editor right there and then but I guess I was so flabbergasted that I forgot everything around me. Yeah, I must have been so in space that only 50 meters down the road I crashed my car! Well, my tire.. it sort of exploded when I hit a curb (how did I do that?!). Thank God, it was only a minor tragedy and my shining amor in the form of a RMF rescue truck rolled by just 15 minutes later. All in all, a bitter sweet day to remember.
I cannot say enough, how wonderful the experience it has been to work in a team of professionals. From the first day the idea and concept was born to the actual day of the shoot and to finally have seen the images on screen and then in print, it's been an amazing ride. I cannot thank editor Josanne Cassar enough for trusting me to fill in the big shoes that photographer Kevin Casha has left behind and to everyone who gave 100% total dedication to make this issue special.

Here's some behind the scenes info. Get IDO for the real deal.

Breathtaking Bella: When I first heard the news that I will be the new photographer of IDO, I knew I had to have Bella for the cover.
Make-up by the crazingly talented Venita.

I knew I wanted a smiling and relaxed bride. Gorgeous, elegant gown by Marquita from Wedding Bells and barefooted for an extra casual look.

The concept was Hollywood Glamour with the vintage backdrop of Popeye Village, which transported the feeling and flair of a true shabby chic affair!

Without Francesca assisting I wouldn't have managed to get all that beautiful light! Also, a huge thanks to Antoine and Stephanie for their helping hands.

Drama is everything! Blue and Red is the new IT! Doesn't this combo make your eyes and mouth water?!

An elegant bird cage veil, very old Hollywood!

The up-do was done by the ever so patient Alison of Scissors Tango. The gorgeous vintage inspired accessories were lend to us by Pop In and Zsa Zsa, Valletta.

The wonderful voluptous bouquet of 25 red roses was created by the delightful Julie of Floral Expressions

Again, thanks to the team for their total dedication and hard work. Looking forward to each magical cover shoot!


Your sister Sarah said...


Our next photo shooting will be at Popeye's Village. I love those colors...

You really give a new, modern and stylish look to the I DO magazine. To say it like a Maltese: Prosit Jess!

Love you so much! AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

Ann-Marie Grima Pulo said...

Congrats Tweets! I am truly impressed! Wow! xxx You make me so proud of you, as always! xxx

mau said...

well done jess!i took a copy home as soon as it arrived at shop to 'examine' it :-D the magazine looks much better now (or more to my tastes).

carolina said...

Congratulations - you deserve it and are definitely 'doing
something right,!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

MUA!!! Thank you! Thanks for supporting my dreams!

Edel said...

amazingly expressive...beautiful colour scheme....if only all the brides are so relaxed on their wedding days!! :)

from a real maltese: prosit jess :P


Meta said...

Wow - your photos are nothing short of amazing! Just found your blog - congratulations on the magazine!

Meta :)

Anonymous said...

dearest jess we are so happy for you! congrats, fantastic work, keep it up!!! You deserve this and so much more. miriam & simon

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hey!!!! Thank YOU!!!!
Mir and Simon when the season has calmed down we have to get together! I would love to cook something for you! Miss you guys!