31 August 2009

Pre-Wedding: Maureen & George PART I

Maureen and George are something, something crazily fun, down to earth and special that you cannot help yourself but love these two!
Maureen has been following my blog, I think, from nearly the beginning and when I got the call she got engaged I was over the moon to be her photographer! When I heard her fiance was a photographer, I nearly p**d in my pants! Yep, I was scared!
When they came to me, I learned about their unique story.. well.. of their life and their love story and how things tend to work out myteriously by themselves, especially when you least expect it. Yes, life has its very own dynamics.

One big factor that connected the two is this place and the famous magazine below:

This shop is not only Maureen's work place but also Mr. photographer source of inspiration :)

No, Maureen doesn't usually sit on the counter and waits for George to come by but for Today we were free to roam the place and do as we please :)

We LOVE magazines and silly faces!

Maureens favourite literature at the moment ;-)

You got to see this big (click on the image to blow it up)

Our second stop of the day was actually their first point of real contact. George also works for the Gozo ferry.. yes on that fatal day, George stopped Maureen from bording.

Not because he was smitten by her beauty but because it was simply "nearly full up". This almost drove Maureen to tears as she just wanted to get home to her little girl.
Yes we tried to recreate a very frustrated look....

..but when these two see each other, I see more smiles than unhappy faces

No wonder Maureen's heart made a small jump when she saw George in his uniform!

Our third part (but not the last!) was at Ramla Bay. This place means a lot to them. Yes, we got their red, errm, blue tent... as this tent is a haven for itself.

Babe, welcome to your future home...

Yeah, this is inspired by the "American Gothic"... I said inspired... takes a bit to sink in.. I know..

Maureen and George are one of the most natural people I ever came across

and they are nothing short of many surprises, you have to see their expressions! They make me smile from ear to ear! The last one is the famous "Titanic Shot"

here in perfect form:

I want to see this on your wedding day!

They also have the fierceness factor!

Multplied by two

This cracks me up!

and more affection I can't wait to see on your big day

One of my favorites. It just eptomises all the fun and spontaneity of these two!

I also want to add that George was pretty much amazing in explaining my new camera to me. I just invested in a new Canon system (I am a Nikon and Canon shooter) and he showed me all the little tricks up the sleave of my new beauty (nearly all images were shot on the new Canon 5D MarkII). Muchas Gracias and it was really a breeze to have you two.
Keep looking for the final part of our day out together! It will get even better!

16 August 2009

Bitter Sweet


I am so excited to finally spills the beans: the brand new issue of IDO magazine is out and it has a new cover! My heart was pounding so hard from excitement when I first got the news that I was chosen to be the new photographer of I DO, Malta's premier wedding magazine. But it did not compare to the feeling when I actually held the brand new spanking issue in my hands! Is that how mothers feel when they hold their first-born child?
When Josanne leafed through the magazine, revealing each time another page of our shoot, true exhilaration poured through my body! I could have hugged my editor right there and then but I guess I was so flabbergasted that I forgot everything around me. Yeah, I must have been so in space that only 50 meters down the road I crashed my car! Well, my tire.. it sort of exploded when I hit a curb (how did I do that?!). Thank God, it was only a minor tragedy and my shining amor in the form of a RMF rescue truck rolled by just 15 minutes later. All in all, a bitter sweet day to remember.
I cannot say enough, how wonderful the experience it has been to work in a team of professionals. From the first day the idea and concept was born to the actual day of the shoot and to finally have seen the images on screen and then in print, it's been an amazing ride. I cannot thank editor Josanne Cassar enough for trusting me to fill in the big shoes that photographer Kevin Casha has left behind and to everyone who gave 100% total dedication to make this issue special.

Here's some behind the scenes info. Get IDO for the real deal.

Breathtaking Bella: When I first heard the news that I will be the new photographer of IDO, I knew I had to have Bella for the cover.
Make-up by the crazingly talented Venita.

I knew I wanted a smiling and relaxed bride. Gorgeous, elegant gown by Marquita from Wedding Bells and barefooted for an extra casual look.

The concept was Hollywood Glamour with the vintage backdrop of Popeye Village, which transported the feeling and flair of a true shabby chic affair!

Without Francesca assisting I wouldn't have managed to get all that beautiful light! Also, a huge thanks to Antoine and Stephanie for their helping hands.

Drama is everything! Blue and Red is the new IT! Doesn't this combo make your eyes and mouth water?!

An elegant bird cage veil, very old Hollywood!

The up-do was done by the ever so patient Alison of Scissors Tango. The gorgeous vintage inspired accessories were lend to us by Pop In and Zsa Zsa, Valletta.

The wonderful voluptous bouquet of 25 red roses was created by the delightful Julie of Floral Expressions

Again, thanks to the team for their total dedication and hard work. Looking forward to each magical cover shoot!

09 August 2009

Miriam on the Cover, Again!

Congratulations to Miriam Cauchi for making it on the cover of Life&Style magazine. There is a great in-depth interview with the soprano about life, marriage and how her childhood dream of becoming a professional singer has become a reality. It's always an honour to have my clients photos featured and seeing them grow from strength to strength!

05 August 2009

Holy Communion: Cara

Cara is a very special little girl. This year she celebrated her First Holy Comminion and we went out to catch some natural photos in her dress. I was so surprised that Cara was like a professional model in front of the camera. No shyness at all, instead sweet little giggles and bright eyes throughout our day together.

Isn't she adorable?!

Like a little angel

and very expressive!

I found this ocean of flowers

Then we went more casual

Our last stop was at the beach and here Cara was in her element

Love this one. Reminds me of pure summer fun at the beach!