08 July 2009

Why my couples rock my world!

This blog post is dedicated to my amazing couples. Here is a selection of some of the pre-weddings I shot this season and the reason why my couples absolutely rock my world:

They take me to the most incredible places on earth and show me beauty from within

They are so cool and fun and I could hang around them every single day

They are not afraid to show heartfelt emotions and the most precious belly laughters EVER

They are up to anything and make my dream locations come true

They invite me to be part of their little world and make me feel complete!

Thank YOU couples to let me use your images for this post! Can't wait for your weddings, post-weddings, well..and babies!


Dana said...

:) :)

Xemx said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the pics sooooooooo much. The first one would be great on a huge canvas in the living room.