24 July 2009

Happy 3 Year BLOG Birthday!!!

3 YEARS!!! Wow, it's a small milestone since I started my blog www.jessmor.blogspot.com in summer of 2006. I can't believe how much time has passed since then. Sometimes, it seems like yesterday and then again when I browsed through all the entries and images I have posted here, it feels ages have passed. This blog has become something like an open diary, mixing my professional life with bits of my personal and looking back I discovered a few things I had nearly forgotten about. It's amazing to see where life leads you to... it's like being on the road and on a continous journey. You look ahead and wonder what Tomorrow will hold for you, you look back and say, I don't know how I came here. Life is a like box of surprises and I am happy to share it all with you.
For this happy occassion I prepared a small trip down memory lane. Watch the video below with snippets of the past. I hope you enjoy!
Thanks to all the great people who have become part of my life and shared my journey. This is for you!

16 July 2009

Favourite Detail: ***The Getting Ready***

It's been a while since I have posted an episode of "My Favourite Detail"
With the wedding season in full swing and some other major changes here, I have to keep reminding myself to blog. Anyhow, I guess all of you are hanging out at the beaches right now (lucky you!). Can you believe I haven't gone swimming once this summer?! What a shame, especially since the beach is just around the corner. Maybe Tomorrow early morning I pack my snorkling gear and head to one of my favourite places.
Today, I have another goodie for you. As my blog readers, bride's and grooms know, I love the getting ready part of the day and all the excitement which usually mounts up right before the bride slips into her wedding dress.
The image above was a true photojournalistic moment. The bride was so incredible happy with her beautiful shoes. She slipped them on like a pair of Cindarella shoes... even before she got into her dress. The contrast of her elegant fair skin and those cute red toes work just perfectly!

08 July 2009

Why my couples rock my world!

This blog post is dedicated to my amazing couples. Here is a selection of some of the pre-weddings I shot this season and the reason why my couples absolutely rock my world:

They take me to the most incredible places on earth and show me beauty from within

They are so cool and fun and I could hang around them every single day

They are not afraid to show heartfelt emotions and the most precious belly laughters EVER

They are up to anything and make my dream locations come true

They invite me to be part of their little world and make me feel complete!

Thank YOU couples to let me use your images for this post! Can't wait for your weddings, post-weddings, well..and babies!