10 June 2009

Portfolio: Annabella Geraghty

The first time I met Bella, I was struck by her classic beauty. Bella has the look of a film starlet, just about to be discovered.
Some faces draw you in, they beg to be studied and discovered and Bella's face invites you to do just that. Bella transcends an inner calmness through her eyes.. just have a look at these big blue eyes that are framed with endless amount of long lashes, too gorgeous!
Bella is currently studying and living in England and has a background in acting and now, as well, modeling on the horizon.

It was a true pleasure working together as Bella and I share a soft spot for the natural. For our session we made perfect use of the season's high grass, wild flowers and soft light. We started with some classic black&white portrait

Amongst a sea of wild flowers: This one is so amazing and I'd blow it up into a humongous canvas art print

I can only see eyes

Bella is so natural and carefree, she's made for the outdoors


For this session I test ran my new camera (more news about that soon!). The files are so AMAZING. These are pretty much straight out of the camera, simply beautiful!

Go ahead and blow it up (click on it with your mouse) for some buttery crispiness!

This one makes me giggle!

You don't know what we went through to get to this field!

but it was worth it!

Wow, look at her! Doesn't she resemble Katie Holmes in this one? I think Bella belongs into a magazine! She rocked it til the end and didn't complain a second while I was testing my new strobes. Seeing this night shot really made it all the worthwhile.

If you would like to get in touch with Bella for modeling work you can contact her here or email me through the box on the sidebar.
Bella is available in England and Malta.


Anonymous said...

Jessi, wirklich ganz fantastische Bilder. Mama

Anonymous said...

Bella is a real wonderful girl. francesca pollaccia from sicily