27 May 2009

Wedding: Chris & Coralie - Part 1

Chris and Coralie have been heart and soul since their school days and I was blessed to witness and document their special day. I think it was of the biggest wedding of the year and there are many images to show.
Today, I have to split my blog post in two parts starting of with the grooms details, brides residence and church.
We start of with Chris as he had some great accessories that need an special eye and attention to detail. It also worked so fabulous because I had an extra day shooting the grooms residence.

The grooms shoes..tata:

During the "getting ready" part, I loved playing with reflections

We had so much time on our hands, so we decided to take the boys out for a walk

In front of the church the two were getting married

On the wedding day, we headed to the bride's house very early in the morning (I think it was around 6.30am). Coralie was just getting "beautified"
I always take a bridal portrait...

...but then I love to play around and experiment. These are my favourites as they show the artist side of wedding photography.

The flower girls were so adorable

I like to leave the little ones doing their own thing and not stress them out with stiff poses

Before leaving the house

Chris and Coralie were so lucky! Their day was crystal clear, hardly a cloud in the sky although all week it had been raining and storming.

Here comes the bride

I really like how the flower girl is tossing the petals and in the background you see the bridesmaids waiting.

The First Look

Mellieha church is beautiful

That's one of the moments I always look out for. Sometimes, tears of sadness and joy are bundled into one emotion. The mother of the bride:

and these emotions are the most precious of all

Exiting the church

You can look forward this week to part 2 of the wedding!

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