18 May 2009

Tiny Wedding Teaser: Sarah & Keith

This one is a special sneak peek for my dear couple Sarah & Keith, who just got married last Saturday. I think the image above sumarizes it well: a magic event, somewhat like a fairytale wedding with a princess and her prince!
Even I had butterflies on the morning of their wedding. I've known these two for quite some time now (after having photographed their engagement party). I still can't believe the day of their wedding had finally come. It was exciting for me to follow them on each step they took on this day and document the beginning of their new life as husband and wife.

Here's another two photos from right after the mass.
Don't they look as if they came straight out of an international bridal magazine?

Dear Sarah & Keith, hope you settled well in your new home and you are enjoying every piece of moment together before you head back into real life. Can't wait for our post-wedding, it's going to be special!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hej Jess,

diese Bilder sind soooooooooo schön! Sieht wirklich aus, als kämen sie aus einem Magazin.


Deine Sarah