28 May 2009

I made it on FACEBOOK

At last, I made it on Facebook!!! I know it took me forever. Maybe I was scared that no one was going to be my friend and I stay on Facebook by myself...so please please add me!

Looking forward to this "new" social network.. if you have any tips please leave me a comment!

Thanks and see you there!


Andy Towler said...

I can't tell which one is you because I can see about 4 Jessica Moritz without photos in my search results...!

If you click my comment link you'll get to my public Facebook profile and it should have a link to add me or send me a message.

George said...

Hi Jess. This link is directly to your facebook profile


Makes it easier for people to find you :)

I see you're learning Taiwanese now lol


Ann-Marie Pulo said...

Welcome to Facebook Pupachen!
We are now also virtual friends :)

Enjoy the time wasting it entails- it fun!

See you soon my tweets!