30 May 2009

Wedding: Chris & Coralie - Part 2

As promised, here is the 2nd part of Chris & Coralie's wedding.

A very emotional moment happened right after the couple stepped out of the church...

...a big crowd of family and friends were already waiting to congratulate the couple. In between all these people a special person, close to Co's heart, was waiting anxiously and excited. It was Coralie's grandmother, who made it to her granddaughters wedding despite her physical condition.
Coralie, just got a glimpse of her nanna and ran right into her arms. People were still throwing rice and confetti but Co and her nanna were hugging each other as if time stood still for a moment.

The pride in Coralie nanna' s eyes spoke a thousand words. Her expression still gives me goose pimples.

Both were moved to tears with joy! I think this was one of the most emotional moments of the day.

I love how Chris is looking at his new nanna.

I love the expression of friends and family!

Coralie and Chris decided to go down to the Sanctuary to share a silent prayer together as husband and wife.

The cutest munchkin

One portrait for the parents

Coralie's princess dress was from Maggie Sottero and here it shows off her beautiful train.

Chris and Coralie arriving at the venue.

Look at the blue sky! The weather was splendid and God-send.
Can you feel their excitement?!

The reception was catered by Creme Caramel, Coralie's dad family company. They did an outstanding job as you will see in pictures to come.

The happy parents. Left Chris' parents and on the right Co's parents.

The girls! Yeah!

Some special light for a special couple.

The venue in the evening. It was the magic hour, right after sunset when the sky turns into a "liquid blue".

In the morning of his wedding, Chris with the help of his best man erected this tent...just in case of rain.

The wedding's theme could have been candy land. There were sweets everywhere.
Coralie's dad made an ice piano for his daughter.. it was filled with strawberries.. yummy!

The highlight of the sweet concoction though was the wedding cake, perfectly designed to match Coralie's dress.

Look at Co's dad expression. Priceless!

The guests stormed the dancefloor and partied the night away. The couple couldn't have asked for a better party crowd!

The going away...

The couple left in a sporty VW beetle. Yeah to Volkswagen! ;-)

28 May 2009

I made it on FACEBOOK

At last, I made it on Facebook!!! I know it took me forever. Maybe I was scared that no one was going to be my friend and I stay on Facebook by myself...so please please add me!

Looking forward to this "new" social network.. if you have any tips please leave me a comment!

Thanks and see you there!

27 May 2009

Wedding: Chris & Coralie - Part 1

Chris and Coralie have been heart and soul since their school days and I was blessed to witness and document their special day. I think it was of the biggest wedding of the year and there are many images to show.
Today, I have to split my blog post in two parts starting of with the grooms details, brides residence and church.
We start of with Chris as he had some great accessories that need an special eye and attention to detail. It also worked so fabulous because I had an extra day shooting the grooms residence.

The grooms shoes..tata:

During the "getting ready" part, I loved playing with reflections

We had so much time on our hands, so we decided to take the boys out for a walk

In front of the church the two were getting married

On the wedding day, we headed to the bride's house very early in the morning (I think it was around 6.30am). Coralie was just getting "beautified"
I always take a bridal portrait...

...but then I love to play around and experiment. These are my favourites as they show the artist side of wedding photography.

The flower girls were so adorable

I like to leave the little ones doing their own thing and not stress them out with stiff poses

Before leaving the house

Chris and Coralie were so lucky! Their day was crystal clear, hardly a cloud in the sky although all week it had been raining and storming.

Here comes the bride

I really like how the flower girl is tossing the petals and in the background you see the bridesmaids waiting.

The First Look

Mellieha church is beautiful

That's one of the moments I always look out for. Sometimes, tears of sadness and joy are bundled into one emotion. The mother of the bride:

and these emotions are the most precious of all

Exiting the church

You can look forward this week to part 2 of the wedding!