13 April 2009

Portfolio: Elaine

Last week I had a fantastic portfolio session with Elaine, a soprano and student of the ever wonderful Miriam Cauchi. Very passionate about music Elaine is taking the next step in her musical career and reaching out for her goals. In fact, I thought it was the perfect timing for a portfolio shoot as the countryside is so alive and blossoming just like Elaine and her hopes and aspirations for the future.


I loved the high grass and golden colour

How different Elaine looks in all of the following images:

* So sweet

* gorgeous

* fierce

* fun loving. Wouldn't you like to have her as your best friend?!

* elegant with a hint of mystery

The perfect backdrop

I think Elaine looks like a Native American princess in this one.

And this one I completly adore!

Talk about light

So so beautiful in every sense


Coralie said...

I really like these pics :) Well done! Cor

carolina said...

It's Elaine's inner beauty that radiates from these photographs -
a stunniing collection of a lovely young woman. Hope your Easter
was peaceful and relaxing.