30 April 2009

Mystery Call 10 to 10pm

OMG! Where am I going to start? Last night at 10 to 10pm I received the most strange and incredible call ever! I still have to pinch myself to remind me if that was really true or if I was maybe already in lala land. But with foresight I marked it red in my diary so I have it right in my face: Yes, it did happen, you weren't dreaming!
Actually, I was having a real cozy evening in front of the TV, cuddled up in my blankets and watching one of those half reality half soap shows when suddenly my little pink and black cell phone rang. I said like, who's calling me at this time of night?! (not that it was really too late or anything but hey I was watching a soap!). The number looked alien, yes alien, to me... what's a +33 something doing on my display? Thank God, I wasn't watching one of those horror movies were the girl is receiving creepy calls... but anyhow, I still answered cautiously "Hello?"
The next thing I will never forget in my life...
"Hi, this is Joshua Smith calling"
I still want to cry and laugh at the same time.. what??? Joshua Smith, did I get this right?!!! Hey, there are probably a thousand Joshua Smith on this planet and one just happened to call me...yeah yeah... or could it be that I had the most INCREDIBLE OF ALL TIME AMAZING JOSHUA SMITH OF CINEMATIC BRIDE calling me up...

If you were wondering, Joshua Smith is one of the industry top professional in wedding videography on the PLANET, a creative genius and savvy business person I have admired for a looong time. In everyday language, it's as if George Clooney gave me a rang to tell me "Hey Jess, I saw your cute little blog and I was wondering if you'd like to go to the movies with me tonight."
Well, yeah.. no.. Josh didn't ask me for a date..just if you were wondering...
He actually asked me for my post code! There you have it..my post code! That's what I can remember.. because by the time my brain managed to process I had The Joshua Smith on the phone (and not some prank call) I couldn't process any other information anymore. My head just went: Joshua Smith of Cinematic Bride is on the phone (bubble), JOSHUA SMITH (bubble), Joshua Smith...BIG BUBBLE
Now you are probably wondering why the heck, someone like him calls a photographer from tiny island and asks for their postcode or address.. Now people, reality is sinking in so get prepared. The order I had placed a day prior with his new company LOKTAH (the coolest amazing earthy products for my clients!) couldn't be shipped because something was wrong with my address. Hey yeah..that's all (sorry to disappoint you!) but if it makes you feel any better, not everyday , the boss himself calls to solve shipping problems. I think my tiny little lucky star shone on me that night. As you can imagine, I slept like a baby ... too good.. as the next day I had overslept by 3 hours! (Bad side effect of happiness)
*Sigh* had to get this off my chest..yes world now you know! Thank YOU for listening!

PS: If you want to see one of his amazing movie trailers go here
and my alltime favorite here

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