23 April 2009

Favorite Detail: The Bouquet

Hi my dear blog readers. The last few weeks were a whirlwind... many many things have happened...phew, let me catch my breath! I have news to share, very soon!
For now, I hope to have more blog lovin' coming up, starting today with another installation of My Favorite Detail. Just Yesterday I talked to a sweet bride of mine about the flowers and colour scheme for her wedding. Oh yes, colours can express so much! Colours can really make your photographs pop and add a great vibrancy to the overall look.
Imagine a summer wedding near the beach. What colours do you see, what would contrast really nicely? I am thinking turquoise and bright yellow.And you?
If you love subtle pastel tones such as rose, white ivory, etc they always work great for an elegant affair.
Or, why not mixing up the two? I love the bouquet above from my sisters July wedding. The green and pink just make you smile and happy, don't they!

Get yourself inspired by your all-time favorite colour and see how it fits into the season and your wedding scheme. Have fun planning and let me know how it goes!

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