30 March 2009

I DO: Louise & Niall

Have you seen the latest edition of I Do magazine? There is a double feature about two of my weddings. One of them is about my Irish couple Louis & Niall who celebrated their Big Day at the Radisson SAS Bay Point, St. Julian's, Malta.
Louise and Niall's night before their wedding day started with a big spectacle in a natural sense. One of the first winter storms had just hit Malta. Louise confessed to me later that she had never experienced a storm like this before and part of the night she had spent listening to the waves crushing to the shore and the thunder roaring right above her. I was also lying awake at home and wondering how her wedding day would look like.
The next morning, as I arrived at Louise's hotel suite I was greeted with laughter and happiness. Inside, Louise's smile lit up the room... outside the clouds had parted and Malta's beautiful sun shone once again bright and clear on Louise's and Niall's wedding day.

Their beautiful wedding bands

Details, details

Wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, flower girl's dress

Looking so content and re-assured

The great thing was that I could switch
from one hotel room to the next and see what bride and groom individually were up to

The Bride

Can you see the reflection of the palm trees?

Louise's bright smile on the way to the chapel

Niall was also very happy to see his bride

St. Paul's shipwreck church in Naxxar

You just have to love that smile!

Love this one

They had a very different type of cake

23 March 2009

I DO: Clint & Ann-Marie

Today, I have an extra loooong blog post for you! It's Clint's and Ann-Marie's beautiful wedding which was just incredible in every way. From the impeccable details, to the emotional ceremony to the lavish reception at Ann-Marie's grandparents private villa. This wedding truly had it all.

First, let us start with the details...
In the morning, Clint sent this personalised book of 'The Chronicales of Narnia' (left image) to his soon-to-be-wife. Both of them used to read it together and in this book Clint left some wonderful personal words for Ann-Marie.

All shoe fetish watch out for these designer heels! A funny story: Clint and Ann-Marie chose each others shoes for the wedding. And look what goodies Clint got for his bride...

*sigh* Aren't they just to die for?!

They deserve a RED CARPET moment!

Another glam accessory

The bride getting ready... stunning make-up!

I go crazy for those lashes

First look

The flower girl was so adorable, here she was practicing
Details of the gown
And here it is in full glory

This might look easy but it was hard work!

A quick shot while being tied up

My beautiful bride

Look at these eyes!

Leaving the house
This is the second flower girl. I adore this photo.

Excitement was growing...

...even for Clint

First Look

There was a funny moment with the rings and they took it with great humour

The momma's got all emotional

And Clint was moved to tears. I love these moments right after the blessing of the rings and the Holy Communion...

I really like this sequence

"We DID!!!!"

A short few portraits before we headed off to the party

The villa and gardens of Ann-Marie's grandparents is breathtaking! The couple kept to the tradion to celebrate there as Ann-Marie's mom had her wedding at the same villa too.

A chill out zone with cushions and candle-light

The cake area

Clint designed the cake! I have never seen one like this one before
Party/ chill out zone

On the drums

Everybody partied

like there was no Tomorrow
...no surprise as the incredible...

AIRPORT IMPRESSIONS rocked the house!!! They were soooooooo AMAZING!!! I became a huge fan of them.

And there was love....

...and more love...

...and even more. All the best tweets and Clint!