26 February 2009

LOVE: Chris & Coralie

Chris and Coralie came to me as sort of a "pre-christmas present". I had nearly finnished up my year and "hello", these two came along a few weeks before their wedding. We three quickly connected over our love of photography. They love photos as much as I do and all the sentimental memories that come along with it.
At our pre-wedding session I noticed how close Chris and Co are. Time has created a special bond between them. Chris adores Coralie and it was so cute to watch how he snuggles up and gives her gentle kisses on her cheek. And Co feels completly relaxed in Chris' arms.. always knowing he is going to catch her

How nice are these colours?!

Chris is also quite relaxed with Co ;-)

So intimate

These two couldn't stop smiling

The yellow and blue looks fabulous!

Cute shoes!

For mama's mantelpiece

Coralie loved this house with the blue shutters which I totally adore as well!

Until the every end, Chris and Coralie worked it. I don't know how may times I told Chris to lift Coralie and he never complained but happily obliged. If it was for Chris, I believe, we could have continued for another 3 hours.. but instead we three went for a nice cup of Cappucino (or coke, but cappicino sounds better) and enjoyed the moment before the sun completly dissapeared.

Soon: Chris and Coralie's wedding. Also check out the new edition of I DO magazine coming beginning of March!


Andy said...

Hey Jess,

Your ability to capture and then perfectly frame the moment never stops amazing me. This is a great set.

Hope all is great with you,


Anonymous said...

Have to tell you once again that these pics are really nice!
Thanks once again :) Can't wait to see the wedding pics .. I'm sure they'll be just as nice :)
Coralie xx

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hello Andy! thanks for your comment! How have you been? Lisa's is popping by Today. We should all do a re-union!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hi Coralie,

just saw your comment now! How are you my newlyweds? Can't wait to hear more about your honeymoon to Australia. PS: I DO is coming out next week!