12 February 2009

Favourite Detail: ***The Dress***

Welcome to another episode of My Favourite Detail. Today, it's without a doubt the most unticipated item in a wedding (well, apart from the bride and groom... wait they are not really an item, are they?!).
The dress *sigh* is one of The highlights of the day. I think, everybody has this scene in their mind: bride walking down the aisle and everyone turning their heads to get the first glimpse of her. It's kind of a magical 30 seconds where everyone is holding their breath (that's what they should do! ;-)
For me, the magic starts when I arrive at the bride's residence and enter the room where the dress is kept save. Sometimes, it's still in the closet and I politly ask: "And.... where is it???" Other times, it's already in perfect position hanging by the window ready to be "shot".

The above image is my personal magic. It was captured within a few fleeting seconds. Time was flying and the bride got quickly dressed in a dark room. There was only one window where a beam of sun light came through. Suddenly, the bride turned and was standing directly in the sun's spotlight. What a beautiful effect! High contrast between the dark and the light and then the wooden strips of the windows painted a cross on her back! As soon as I saw it, I knew I had a winner. These little unexpected moments are hidden everwhere and I see it as my job to create 'my little magic' out of them.
Hope you enjoyed this one. Until next time!

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Carolina said...

Your work in 'black and white' mode is, as always, exquisite!
More of same please