26 February 2009

LOVE: Chris & Coralie

Chris and Coralie came to me as sort of a "pre-christmas present". I had nearly finnished up my year and "hello", these two came along a few weeks before their wedding. We three quickly connected over our love of photography. They love photos as much as I do and all the sentimental memories that come along with it.
At our pre-wedding session I noticed how close Chris and Co are. Time has created a special bond between them. Chris adores Coralie and it was so cute to watch how he snuggles up and gives her gentle kisses on her cheek. And Co feels completly relaxed in Chris' arms.. always knowing he is going to catch her

How nice are these colours?!

Chris is also quite relaxed with Co ;-)

So intimate

These two couldn't stop smiling

The yellow and blue looks fabulous!

Cute shoes!

For mama's mantelpiece

Coralie loved this house with the blue shutters which I totally adore as well!

Until the every end, Chris and Coralie worked it. I don't know how may times I told Chris to lift Coralie and he never complained but happily obliged. If it was for Chris, I believe, we could have continued for another 3 hours.. but instead we three went for a nice cup of Cappucino (or coke, but cappicino sounds better) and enjoyed the moment before the sun completly dissapeared.

Soon: Chris and Coralie's wedding. Also check out the new edition of I DO magazine coming beginning of March!

12 February 2009

Favourite Detail: ***The Dress***

Welcome to another episode of My Favourite Detail. Today, it's without a doubt the most unticipated item in a wedding (well, apart from the bride and groom... wait they are not really an item, are they?!).
The dress *sigh* is one of The highlights of the day. I think, everybody has this scene in their mind: bride walking down the aisle and everyone turning their heads to get the first glimpse of her. It's kind of a magical 30 seconds where everyone is holding their breath (that's what they should do! ;-)
For me, the magic starts when I arrive at the bride's residence and enter the room where the dress is kept save. Sometimes, it's still in the closet and I politly ask: "And.... where is it???" Other times, it's already in perfect position hanging by the window ready to be "shot".

The above image is my personal magic. It was captured within a few fleeting seconds. Time was flying and the bride got quickly dressed in a dark room. There was only one window where a beam of sun light came through. Suddenly, the bride turned and was standing directly in the sun's spotlight. What a beautiful effect! High contrast between the dark and the light and then the wooden strips of the windows painted a cross on her back! As soon as I saw it, I knew I had a winner. These little unexpected moments are hidden everwhere and I see it as my job to create 'my little magic' out of them.
Hope you enjoyed this one. Until next time!

07 February 2009

Baby Sidney

Last time I went to Berlin, I visited my sisters best friend who just had her little baby boy Sidney. It was so beautiful watching these two.

I think close-up's for babies are essential!

I really like the contrast of this one.

This will be a wall art...

...looking great in a simple black frame

04 February 2009

Today I'm Wearing Red Lipstick

OMG, Today I feel goood, so goood!
Normally, you will never see me wearing red lipstick only on these very rare occasions - those extra special days, were I feel like I am running on a cloud. Yeah, only then I believe I can pull it off to wear such a fierce shade of red without feeling like a complete idiot.

I feel like I am the most blessed photographer in the world, ok, on the island! :-)
I so LOVE my brides! Last night before I went to bed I checked my mail for the last time. In my inbox I found the sweetest email of my delightful bride Sarah which really touched my heart:

"But you have no idea how re assuring it is to us that you're our photographer! We just know that whatever goes wrong, you ll capture beautiful memories for the day which we will look back at and cherish! So even if i wake up with blemishes on my face, or someone drops red wine on my dress ... you got it covered"

I can't even begin to say how much my couples mean to me. Just to know that they chose me to capture those memories that will remind them of one of the most special days in their lives and making me part of this celebration of love is just the best feeling ever! Thank You!

And this afternoon, I received another incredible email of my bride Dana. OMG, she found THE ONE ... pair of heels!!!!! OMG, I am so freaking out and I have to control myself not to give away anything... only so much: her designer heels are going to be HOT! Everything that starts with a J and ends with OO is HO HO, baby, yeah!

Girls, Thank you so much! I feel like I am wrapped in a candy cotton of love!