26 January 2009

Zach's Holy Communion Session

My sister just gave me a call and told me she is really annoyed! She's says she's been waiting for another blog entry. Day by day goes by and nothing new yet although I have so much to share!

So it's 5pm now and here it comes, Sari.

This was a shoot I've done quite a while ago but it's pretty much the perfect timing if you have anyone in the family who's looking for a photographer who does relaxed, fun and pretty portraits for the upcoming First Holy Communions and Confirmations in May.

If you wondered: No this was not shot in a studio

Even if it might not go into the album I couldn't resist Zach's expression!

And with mommy, who is, by the way, my fabulous wedding assistant.

I truly like the outdoors

A perfect sweet photo for the mantelpiece

Behind the scenes: I let kids be kids :-)

Here Zach was a good boy

and absolutely adorable

One of my favourites, very thoughtful, great background

Hey, someone adores mommy...

Fran looking great!

They had something casual in mind: Let's roll up the sleeves and stay close to the sea

Aren't the colours so yummy?!
I think Zach really resembles his mom..just look at their lips and chins


If you would like any information on packages please get in touch with me via email (on the sidebar). I can only take a few select sessions this year due to the Holy Communions being so close to my wedding season.


Sarah said...


You know I cannot wait too long to see new pictures from you ...

Zach is really cute. I love the light colours, and his expression on the third picture. Fran looks beautiful. Give my regards to her!

Your little "pushy" sister,


Anne said...

Hi Jessica!
Finally i get to see your pics: Fran has been raving about them for ages! You shoot amazing photos - you really inspire me. So glad to find another natural light photographer in Malta!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hello Ann,
thank you so much for your comment!
Ah, Fran is the best, how sweet of her!
Please keep in touch and we might be doing a shoot one time together!