26 January 2009

Zach's Holy Communion Session

My sister just gave me a call and told me she is really annoyed! She's says she's been waiting for another blog entry. Day by day goes by and nothing new yet although I have so much to share!

So it's 5pm now and here it comes, Sari.

This was a shoot I've done quite a while ago but it's pretty much the perfect timing if you have anyone in the family who's looking for a photographer who does relaxed, fun and pretty portraits for the upcoming First Holy Communions and Confirmations in May.

If you wondered: No this was not shot in a studio

Even if it might not go into the album I couldn't resist Zach's expression!

And with mommy, who is, by the way, my fabulous wedding assistant.

I truly like the outdoors

A perfect sweet photo for the mantelpiece

Behind the scenes: I let kids be kids :-)

Here Zach was a good boy

and absolutely adorable

One of my favourites, very thoughtful, great background

Hey, someone adores mommy...

Fran looking great!

They had something casual in mind: Let's roll up the sleeves and stay close to the sea

Aren't the colours so yummy?!
I think Zach really resembles his mom..just look at their lips and chins


If you would like any information on packages please get in touch with me via email (on the sidebar). I can only take a few select sessions this year due to the Holy Communions being so close to my wedding season.

22 January 2009

Pure Adrenaline!

Watch This!

wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

Would you ever dream of trying this?

14 January 2009

Boudoir Diva Valetine's Special

Valentines Day is just around the corner again! This year, I have a special offer for boudoir sessions. Boudoir means sexy, playful and tasteful photographs for his eyes only.
The images will be custom enhanced for glamorous skin and a toned body. Photographs will be mounted on black board so you can leave him a "naughty" love note. They also come in a custom keepsake box to make it a perfect gift to give away and keep.

Want to know more? Shoot me a mail in the box on the sidebar or go to my website www.jessmor.com, enter one of the ROOMS and go to CONTACT.

09 January 2009

"We Did": Lisa & Glenn

2008 was the year of the "We Did" - The Day After session. Nearly all my couples opted to have a post-wedding and I am so happy about it. It's not only fun to get together again but we have extra much time to go to the islands prime locations and shoot some beautiful and sometimes evocative images. Some brides, well and also grooms ;-), were such troopers and went all the way to get that amazing image.
Lisa & Glenn were one couple that really made everything out of the day and I was able to create some everlasting memories for them. Thanks guys, you are beautiful!
Hope this brings you all some summer warmth during this cold winter! Enjoy!

We started out in casual clothes and since Lisa & Glenn are from Ireland and had their wedding in Malta they had to incorporate something typical Maltese as this lace umbrella

The flare in the left hand corner looks like a small rainbow

Loved shooting at this place

This is from the preview and one of my all time favourites for its youthful casual look with a bit of a rough edge

so vintage-modern

Although it looks idyllic, here I got nearly hit by a car as I had to shoot from the main road

Like a cute postcard from yesterday

In this one, we really had to cheat... the beach and sea was packed with people looking on. Hey, that's what I call dream clients!

They are going to have pretty babies!

dreamy, timeless... again a fav. of mine

05 January 2009

Tiny Sneak Preview 2009

2008 was truly a year full of surprises, amazing couples and portrait clients, new commercial work and exciting ventures. I have a tiny preview of some the shoots that are still to come and you can look forward to before we head into 2009! I am excited like a little child, knowing this years line-up of incredible weddings. It will be spectacular, I promise!

The Wedding of my one and only Clint & Ann-Marie.

The "We-Did"- The Day After session with beautiful Lisa & Glenn. I love this photo for it's young, casual and sexy look

Baby Sydney - Mireille is a mom and it couldn't be more beautiful to watch her!

A fun character shoot at Popeye Village.

My ever so loving Chris and Coralie at their pre-wedding

And their romance inspired wedding. Have the greatest of all times in Australia!!!

Adorable Zach at his Holy Communion Shoot

The wonderful Louise & Niall who really worked it for their Day After Session.

And much more to come!