14 December 2009

Lifestyle: Sisters

Recently, I shot a sisters special with Jenny & Diana. The two are not only very close like best friends but they very much look alike, like twins:

Jenny had organised the shoot for her younger sister who was visiting from Switzerland.
I made sure to get some beautiful Maltese sunlight so Diana could show them off back home.

Looks also great in black&white

2 beautiful sisters


One of my favorites of the day

08 December 2009

We Do: Sarah & Keith

Now that the year is coming slowly to an end, it's about time I release some images of this years incredible wedding season. I can't begin to say how great my couples have been. WOW!
Sarah & Keith are the first ones up. Their wedding was something I was looking forward too for a long time. Yeah, I know these two for over 2 years now, have photographed their engagement and met all their wonderful friends and family. Once the wedding came around I was really looking forward meeting their crowd again.. only that this time it was even bigger!

I loooooove details and Sarah's were so beautiful to photograph. I can't emphasize enough on investing in some amazing wedding shoes.
Check these ones out: by pink

The Dress and bridesmaid dresses

The flowers were gorgeous too

Red lips! how does the bride look...

..like a porcelain doll...


isn't she cute?!

Here comes the bride

The veil flew up right before Sarah entered the church with her dad

Rebecca, Sarah's sister and newly engaged! Congrats, can't wait for the engagement party next summer!

First Look

To all the couples who consider getting married at the Mellieha Sanctuary, look what a backdrop:

The ceiling has so much detail


Great moment to photograph

The Crew!

The Smile, simple wedded bliss...

Arriving at Castello Dei Baroni

The Venue

must be one of my favorites

Congrats you two, to a happy fulfilling marriage :)

26 November 2009

Lifestyle: Martina

Martina is one of the coolest girls on the planet. On the day of the shoot, she arrived with a whole suitcase full of different outfits. While we were going through her clothes, I thought to myself that this looks better than what I have in my closet! Martina who is barely a teen has already a sense of style like a 20 year old. She knows exactly how to put outfits together and how to make them work for each different location. We had a fantastic day and Yes, everything was shot in one day (including a pizza break)!

I absolutely adored this outfit! It was perfect for our first outdoor location:

I always wanted to shoot in a sun flower field!

Do we have another model waiting to evolve?

Next: Urban Style

Coolest kid on the planet!

Next: "In The Rain"
Even the colours worked perfectly

Next: Seascape

Next: The Beach (on the other part of the island)

The light was just delicious again

PS: This blog post is dedicated to Dorianne. Thanks for watching!