31 December 2008

***Happy New Year***

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time with your family and friends and a great time tonight to celebrate 2009, yeah!!! I am back in Malta again after my Christmas trip to Berlin. I practically spent some real good quality time with my family and met for the first time my grand-niece ehh, my cousins baby) Aryannah from the US. She is the first great-grand daughter in our family and everyone went crazy over her. I have to admit even I grabbed her quite a lot, she is just such a sweet chunky thing made to cuddle and love.
Hey Tim and Cathy, here's your Christmas beauty:

Thanks to all my clients, blog readers and supporters. I felt this year was truly amazing and I am so excited for everything that will be going on in 2009!
I will be blogging some hot new stuff in the next few days. So hang in there!

Jess xoxoxo

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