31 December 2008

***Happy New Year***

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time with your family and friends and a great time tonight to celebrate 2009, yeah!!! I am back in Malta again after my Christmas trip to Berlin. I practically spent some real good quality time with my family and met for the first time my grand-niece ehh, my cousins baby) Aryannah from the US. She is the first great-grand daughter in our family and everyone went crazy over her. I have to admit even I grabbed her quite a lot, she is just such a sweet chunky thing made to cuddle and love.
Hey Tim and Cathy, here's your Christmas beauty:

Thanks to all my clients, blog readers and supporters. I felt this year was truly amazing and I am so excited for everything that will be going on in 2009!
I will be blogging some hot new stuff in the next few days. So hang in there!

Jess xoxoxo

07 December 2008

Favourite Detail: ***The Rings***

Hello everybody! Welcome to another episode of My Favourite Detail. Today, I have chosen the rings as they are not only one of my favorite details but also something I never get tired shooting.
For the big rocks ;-) above, I have to thank my wonderful couple Chris & Coralie, who are by the way, getting married Tomorrow! How exciting!
I really appreciate when my couples let me "steal" their rings for a moment and I can go a bit crazy playing around with them in different set-ups. Here, I was sweating profusely, for one, I did not want to lose them between all the grass and second because I had to crouch down like my little "tiger" at home ready to attack but with the butt sticking up in the air! In the end it was all worth it, don't you think?!

05 December 2008

I Do: Lisa & Glenn

Lisa & Glenn are both from Ireland and celebrated their wedding with their friends and family in Malta. It was a dream wedding, a beautiful couple in love, joyous guests and a stunning wedding ceremony at Villa Arrigo. Everything turned out just perfect for the two of them and you could read their happiness from their faces.

Let's start with Lisa's details:

Her dress was custom designed. I loved the little blue bow

Fixing the veil

Lisa loved the back of her dress and it is stunning!

As a photojournalist this makes my heart beat faster. The motion is mmmhhhh...

The ceremony took place in the gardens of Villa Arrigo. Love outdoor ceremonies. Here, the light in Lisa's veil gives her a regal look

This was my competition ;-)

"Married!" walking down the aisle

Their unique cake. The guests went crazy over it!

Look at the set-up. I thought it was gorgeous

Some couple portraits

This must be one of my favourites. It's mysterious and dreamy alike. A piece of art

More of Lisa's simply sexy- elegant dress

In the evening the gazebo turned into a fairytale place

One thing I will rememeber most of the wedding was the crazy partying

The guys were just insane! I loved every minute of it!
A big hello to all the party people. I'll never forget you guys!

Lisa and Glenn's wedding was also featured in the latest edition of I DD Magazine.