22 November 2008

Love Session: 50's Hollywood Glamour

Please smack me in face! Do I seriously have the most frikkinubergalacticsexylicious clients in the world?! I really don't know how these amazing couples find me but I am glad they do!
Clint and Ann-Marie have an electrifying vibe around them that a pre-wedding shoot can turn into a shooting addiction. They are simply photogasmic!
To be honest, most of the credit of the shoot goes to the two of them. Clint was the creative master mind behind the storyline and wow, Ann-marie worked it!
For this shoot I tried to recreate the feeling of old sepia photographs but also kept in mind to keep some coloured images for a cross modern edge.

To the stroy: Imagine the 50's where a poor working boy/small time gangster dreams about a beautiful uptown girl. Of course, those days there was no chance that he would fall in love and be allowed to marry a girl from the upper class. But as the story unfolds, he does not go unnoticed which makes him determined to win the girls heart at all possible costs.

I don't know what these two do but every photo can be turned into art

Imagine this one as a humangous canvas print

Can you see the sparks in this one? What an electrifying moment!

So much affection

Please never lose this:

Couldn't this be like a photograph from the past?

By the way, Clint and Ann-Marie are the proud owners of a beautiful wine bar called Vin Oranng in Mdina. I remember when they first started up and I came to visit for the first time. Everything they've done is with so much love and attention to detail. It is truly one of the most beautiful and cozy but stylish wine bars in Malta. It's great for an evening of entertainment with your friends or for a romantic night out with your loved one.
You can give them a call on 79413203.

Vin Oranng
9 magazini str, mdina

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