29 November 2008

Lifestyle: Jenny

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me! :-) I know how this might sound, the birthday girl singing to herself sitting lonely in front of the PC on her BIRTHDAY!!! (OMG!!!) Actually, I am not quite that desperate to blog but I had to take a break from this eating frenzy I have been in Today (thanks to my very good friend). I am completely stuffed, sometimes I amaze myself of how much I can actually get inside of me. Hey and the day ain't over yet...there is still a dinner at a local restaurant planned. I think I might need to go for a small jog before.
Enough of the rant and let's go down for the goodies.

I just got back shooting lifestyle sessions again after a summer of weddings. There is still one to go but after next week I am officially closing my wedding season for this year.
For this shoot, Jenny and I had a great time exploring new places, secret places :-)
Maybe you can guess some. Know where the one below could be?

Well this one ain't so hard to guess ;-)

The blue mosaic really complemented Jenny's eyes

It was a bit dizzying to shoot this (for Jenny not me) but also fun. I think Jenny loves this one and it really brings out her bubbly character.

Blue is just Jenny's perfect backdrop colour

Oh this is our secret secret place, isn't it picture perfect?!

If you are interested in a session, shoot me a mail!

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