29 November 2008

Lifestyle: Jenny

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me! :-) I know how this might sound, the birthday girl singing to herself sitting lonely in front of the PC on her BIRTHDAY!!! (OMG!!!) Actually, I am not quite that desperate to blog but I had to take a break from this eating frenzy I have been in Today (thanks to my very good friend). I am completely stuffed, sometimes I amaze myself of how much I can actually get inside of me. Hey and the day ain't over yet...there is still a dinner at a local restaurant planned. I think I might need to go for a small jog before.
Enough of the rant and let's go down for the goodies.

I just got back shooting lifestyle sessions again after a summer of weddings. There is still one to go but after next week I am officially closing my wedding season for this year.
For this shoot, Jenny and I had a great time exploring new places, secret places :-)
Maybe you can guess some. Know where the one below could be?

Well this one ain't so hard to guess ;-)

The blue mosaic really complemented Jenny's eyes

It was a bit dizzying to shoot this (for Jenny not me) but also fun. I think Jenny loves this one and it really brings out her bubbly character.

Blue is just Jenny's perfect backdrop colour

Oh this is our secret secret place, isn't it picture perfect?!

If you are interested in a session, shoot me a mail!

22 November 2008

Love Session: 50's Hollywood Glamour

Please smack me in face! Do I seriously have the most frikkinubergalacticsexylicious clients in the world?! I really don't know how these amazing couples find me but I am glad they do!
Clint and Ann-Marie have an electrifying vibe around them that a pre-wedding shoot can turn into a shooting addiction. They are simply photogasmic!
To be honest, most of the credit of the shoot goes to the two of them. Clint was the creative master mind behind the storyline and wow, Ann-marie worked it!
For this shoot I tried to recreate the feeling of old sepia photographs but also kept in mind to keep some coloured images for a cross modern edge.

To the stroy: Imagine the 50's where a poor working boy/small time gangster dreams about a beautiful uptown girl. Of course, those days there was no chance that he would fall in love and be allowed to marry a girl from the upper class. But as the story unfolds, he does not go unnoticed which makes him determined to win the girls heart at all possible costs.

I don't know what these two do but every photo can be turned into art

Imagine this one as a humangous canvas print

Can you see the sparks in this one? What an electrifying moment!

So much affection

Please never lose this:

Couldn't this be like a photograph from the past?

By the way, Clint and Ann-Marie are the proud owners of a beautiful wine bar called Vin Oranng in Mdina. I remember when they first started up and I came to visit for the first time. Everything they've done is with so much love and attention to detail. It is truly one of the most beautiful and cozy but stylish wine bars in Malta. It's great for an evening of entertainment with your friends or for a romantic night out with your loved one.
You can give them a call on 79413203.

Vin Oranng
9 magazini str, mdina

15 November 2008

News From The Wedding Fair

So I said, I wasn't going to be at the Wedding Fair this year. As it turned out, 2 days before the grand opening I was asked to co-host the stand with one of my brilliant clients Cortex Ltd. This year they have a big stand close to the front entrance (D3) and my images grace their walls in the background.

If you would like to meet me you can find me at stand D3, working in between 2 hair artists Michelle of roots, San Gwann and Michael of Scissors Systems, Rabat. To all visitors we give away some yummy yummy hair goodies from Simply Zen and Milkshake, the stuff that makes you want to sniff and lick your hair all day! :)
Michelle will also give you a reviving neck and head massage. Great to relax from the hectic wedding fair.

Michael is doing live extensions from Racoon. Go and check them out!

You'll also get a glimpse of some of my work

Oh and if you are lucky you get a FREE hair-do!

See you there!

Malta Wedding Fair opening hours:
Sat 18.00-23.00
Sun 10.00-21.00

07 November 2008

Wedding Fair Malta & Interview

Sometimes the best things in life just come out of the blues, totally unexpected. One of them is the interview for The Independent above. It must have been about a month ago that feature and travel writer Melanie Drury asked me for an interview about my life as a wedding photographer. Oh wow! That's great but what am I going to say, and what not? How do you prepare for an interview? After some thoughts, I said to myself, I just tell how it is, how I feel and how I experience one of the most important days of my couples.
When I arrived at the interview I was intrigued about Melanie's lifestyle and her travels to India. In fact I started "interviewing" her before she even could ask me a single question about my life :-)
Anyway, I would like to thank Melanie for depicting me and my work as I feel it and see it and expressing it a hundred times better than I ever could.
I also would like to thank my wonderful couples Ann-Marie & Clint, Isla & Stuart, Edel& Robert, Sarah & Joseph (from right to left) who let me use their photographs for this article.

On another note, the annual Malta wedding fair 2008 is just around the corner. This year I won't be taking part though but open up my doors to couples who would like to see my work. If you would like to come over shoot me a mail through my mailbox on the sidebar. Please also add your mobile no. just in case.
For the months May, June and September 2008 I am accepting only 1 more booking each as dates have filled up.
I also started to take bookings for 2011.

PS: If you would like to read the article click on the image and it pops up bigger (it might take a few seconds to load).

03 November 2008

Soprano Miriam Cauchi @ Palazzo Parisio

Last spring, I shot a portfolio for Soprano Miriam Cauchi. Do you remember the first session? We went for a natural approach that highlights Miriam's character in private. For the second part, we chose to add some drama, highlighting Miriam's stage personality. Palazzo Parisio proved to be the perfect setting.
I can't wait to shoot there next wedding season again. This mini Versailles in Malta is so beautiful.
I am also happy to finally showcase our images with the launching of the new Miriam Cauchi Website.

The Grand Mirrored Ballroom

The rooms are fascinating, thinking that once people actually lived here. This was the Marquis' private little alter which is directly joined with her bedroom

This is one of our favourite images. It has a flair of mystery and a touch of Italian movie's from yesteryear...

This was on the cover of FIRST magazine. Marie Benoit fell in love with Miriam's "delicious" smile.