16 October 2008


NO, this is not a new model from Cute Overload (although she'd be a star on that website), this is more like my new personal distraction/ addiction.

I just knew it! I did NOT want any pets. Don't get me wrong I love animals but I did NOT want something small, cute, innocent that needs my attention all day. I have been telling Mark: No, we don't get a dog and no we definitley don't get a cat! I am just not ready for the responsibility!"
When this didn't work, I tried the following: "Do you actually know how expensive it is to keep a pet?"
Do you think my reasoning worked? Haha!
My last resort was: "You take care of it, well then you just can't go abroad anymore and forget diving on the weekends!"
Now, this must have really worked! ... oh..how wrong I was...
A few weeks past and Mark mentioned that there is a kitten that needs a new home as the owner wants to kill it if he does not get rid of it because the kitten is not a pure Persian breed. I got so angry! Why don't people just take care where there animals run around! Someone (like me) has to take care now just because he didn't?!
Yeah, and as usual he got me again! Above all that anger, my heart felt all soft and mushy as soon I laid my eyes on her! And I have to admit, she's the most adorable something...

Sabi is the size of my running shoes

She has a little soft toy she plays and sleeps with. I can't stop looking at her! I hate Mark for it!

I just have to stare, stare and stare! And if I don't stare I have to stare...

You see where this is going... and I know that I skipped a blog entry but I just felt like I had to share this one with you!


Deine Schwester Sarah said...

Oh Jessi, deine Katze ist ja soooooooooooo süß. Mark hat das Richtige getan!

Sabine said...

Jess, she's just soooo adorable!! By the way, we got our cat in just about the same way. I'd been refusing to get another pet, and George just had to rescue that tiny bundle... that's been a few years now, and I'd really miss him if he wasn't around! (Simba that is, not George LOL!)

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hehehe! Yes, it amazes me too how easily you get attached to them (that is the kitten, not the man ;-)